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Letter from home (último post en inglés, last post in english)

Escrito el 5 de junio de 2012.

Yes, this is the return of this blog, and i guess this is kinda definitive. I somehow need to start in Argentina with a post in English since there is some people i don't see for a while and i need to communicate with.

It is already two months ago when i left The Netherlands, I’ve done almost no work research whatsoever, but they were two amazing months, with lots of friends and family, my home town, mountains, desert, thinking, and the lack of any kind of doubt about my decision of returning to Argentina.
As soon as i arrived i had the joy of playing with my friend Horacio in the biggest theater in Mendoza, probably one of the nicest venues in the “interior” Argentina, it was with Cinematographique, the last Horacio Gomez’s album and project where i had a beautiful evening where I met lot of local artists that i had not seen for a long time like Fernando Barrientos, people from Altertango among others.
After that i visited Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago, and it happened what i knew it was going to happen: I must probably will be moving there soon, hopefully. There I found my new and old friends, Horacio, Facundo, Pablo, Ricky, Chiqui, Nidia, Valeria, Marina, Lucrecia, Ana, and some new others like Hernán Ríos and Norberto Córdoba in a beautiful night at Virasoro Jazz Bar.
It’s late and I’m sleepy so quickly we’ll return to our tradition of sharing some music. In the beginnings of this blog this sharing was intended to some special music, like Argentinean Folklore, some jazz and so, but time led this blog to show you my every day listening experience. I guess this blog is going to come back gradually to the first idea, but by now i’d like to show you this beauty by Radiohead, “Faust Arp”.
Ok, I say goodbye by now, I hope this “the song of the week” thing becomes weekly for real now. Have a nice week you all.